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Our recruitment program is done through a systematic procedure where our foreign principals give us all the details and criteria about their manpower requirements for a sustainable outsourcing compliance.Further, we ensure that only Filipino workers qualified and medically fit are deployed to our employers. Hence, our workers are medically examined by our accredited medical clinics and trade-tested or trained by our affiliated training centers authorized by the government.
The Mecprego International, Inc. always consider each applicant as a top management resources while we prioritized employer’s request on skills qualification requirements and specialization and to ensure skilled workers aptitude.
Applicant shall report to the office for submission of credential requirements and certification, data shall be encoded for reference and verification by the Documentation Officer, followed by Recruitment Officer pre-interview for initial screening. After screening, each old applicant must submit the filled-up application form subject for compliance to employers’ requirements, and then a validation and review will follow for signing of contract.
The new applicant shall undergo with final screening before employers interview, once the approval has granted will directly proceed with validation and review for signing of contract. Once applicant failed from the screening process, he/she shall be endorsed to Operations Assistant Office for additional advice of compliance requirements.
After signing of contract and have reviewed all documents, pre-departure orientation seminar will follow as compulsory requirements to all workers before any foregoing travel advisory and departure.
All workers are classified according to five main classifications such as: Industrial Worker, Medical or Hospital Worker, Professional Worker, Technical Worker, and Administrative Worker. Each classified workers are identified according to various categories.


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